One Yankee winning streak is still alive

Yanks_2 Chalk up another win for the New York Yankees brand, as distinct from the New York Yankees team. The team hasn’t won a World Series for more years than Yankee fans care to recall, but the brand remains invincible. A poll by Roy Morgan International asked Americans age 14 and up to pick their favorite big-league team. The Yankees led the voting, with 17 percent of the total. Filling out the top five were the Red Sox (12 percent), Braves (9 percent), Cubs (9 percent) and White Sox (8 percent). The Cardinals, who actually won the World Series this year, had to settle for seventh place and 7 percent of the tally. The Tigers, who won the American League pennant, ranked ninth, with 5 percent of the vote. The survey also uncovered the startling fact that millions of baseball fans are bi-leagueal: 24 percent said they root for both an American League and a National League team.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver