OK, since you mentioned the iTunes 10 logo


If the whole Gap fiasco taught us anything, it's that everyone has an opinion about logo design. Our gallery of 30 redesigned corporate logos got a strong response—but we apparently left one of the most notable recent rebrandings off the list. That would be the iTunes icon. Apple made the switch for iTunes 10, according to Steve Jobs, because iTunes digital music is poised to outpace sales of CDs next year—so it made sense to lose the CD from the image. Lots of people were angry as hell about this. So, yes, we're late to the game on this, but what do you think of the new iTunes logo? If you hate it, what do you hate about it? As a side note, the iTunes 10 logo—like every other maligned corporate symbol—has its very own Twitter account. Six weeks after its debut, @itunes10icon continues to vigorously defend itself. As it said to one detractor the other day: "Steve Jobs loves me. Your opinion is irrelevant."