O holiday tree, O holiday tree?

Xmas_tree1_1Alright, let’s face it. Dragging a pine tree into the house, decorating it with colorful lights and shiny ornaments and then sitting back and staring at it while sipping a glass of wine or eggnog has just about nothing to do with the real reason anyone should celebrate Christmas. But pretty much nobody associates those things with, say, Fourth of July either. So what’s the big deal in calling said trees "Christmas" trees? Some nuts are actually offended by the term, preferring the secular designation "holiday" tree. We’re here to say that we’re offended by those who are offended. And if they’re offended by our being offended, it doesn’t matter because they were offended first, and got in that state over something they have no right being offended over. The debate first came to our attention this week when we happened to see John Gibson, a Fox News Channel anchor, on TV discussing his new book. We were so aghast to find ourselves agreeing with him that it offended us.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey