No online ads please. We’re Swedish.

Sweden_2The Swedes often fly beneath the radar, presumably to not draw attention to their responsibility for Abba. The quintessential Swede, to Americans at least, is probably the crazy chef from The Muppets. He always struck us as easygoing enough, if hygenically unappealing and difficult to comprehend. When it comes to Web advertisers, however, Swedes want to break out the cleavers. Net stats firm eMarketer sent out an urgent research note Wednesday that highlighted a disturbing fact: despite having the highest Internet penetration rates in Europe, Swedes hate online ads. It turns out just 8 percent told the Sveriges Annonsorer  (er, Association of Swedish Advertisers) that they found online ads helpful. Out of all the advertising Swedes are subjected to, only spam received as much contempt. In a sign that some truths are universal, Swedish advertisers have responded by …. increasing their online ad spending. In a statement on this seeming incongruence, the ASA said:  “Bork, bork, bork!”

—Posted by Brian Morrissey