A nativity crib … or a murderous Santa?

Badsanta1In today’s edition, the New York Post follows up on yesterday’s story about the New York couple who erected a decapitating Santa in front of their East Side townhouse. It’s all a big “joke” to homeowner Joel Krupnik, who told the Post that the display is meant to protest the commercialization of Christmas. (The Pope might suggest they buy a nativity crib instead.) So, what are you saying, Joel? Retailers aren’t allowed to make a living? The Bad Santa display has drawn mixed reactions from New Yorkers, according to the Post, which quoted one father as saying it is counter to the whole Santa/holiday spirit. “It’s like, ‘You better not shout or Santa will chop your head off,’ ” the dad said. But a musician told the Post he thought the display would make a great cover for his next album. Krupnik said the naysayers ought to get a life. “There are a few that don’t like it. They can cross over to the other side,” he said. Of the street, that is.

—Posted by Steve McClellan