Napoleon Dynamite, action hero?

NapoleonWith traditional blockbusters suffering at the box office, maybe it’s indie movies’ time to shine. At least one such flick will have its own action figures, as McFarlane Toys prepares to roll out a set for Napoleon Dynamite in November. Fans will be able to own the cult character in different outfits: his prom suit, a “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt and his tetherball attire, according to CNN Money. But come November, will people still remember the movie, which opened last year? McFarlane Toys thinks so. “This is the new generation’s cult classic film; fans will be repeating the lines over and over,” said Todd McFarlane hopefully. We would end with a Napoleon-ism, but frankly, we’re sick of people quoting the movie all the time. Oh, all right. Sweeet!

—Posted by Mae Anderson