Nail-gunned Boost Mobile guy gets off easy

The guy in Inspire's latest Hispanic spot for Boost Mobile doesn't flinch as nails get shot into his back and neck. This is understandable. Sure, he's been abused by rival carriers and can take a lot of pain—that's the theme of the campaign. But also, he's probably knows it could be worse. Based on Boost's recent ads, he could've landed on a slab in the morgue; been mauled by dogs; grown floppy man-boobs; had lunch with a talking hog bent on devouring his porky pals; or tooled around on a bike with some chick's impossibly long, flowing underarm hair tickling his face. What's a few nails in the back? A few dabs of iodine, and he's as good as new.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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