Muffin bottoms rise up in Bloom campaign

Bloombottoms On the heels of last week’s Erik Estrada commercial for Bloom, BooneOakley stages a mock rebellion for the supermarket chain featuring jealous muffin bottoms who are incensed over Bloom’s sale of scrumptious muffin tops. There’s a Web site, a MySpace page and more online antics—but why confine the hilarity to the Internet? The promotion includes events in several South Carolina locations (including Clemson U.) at which “the four members of C.R.U.M.B., the Coalition of Really United Muffin Bottoms, crash an ostensible Bloom promotion for its new line of blueberry muffin tops.” They’re known as “Bloomberry Muffins,” by the way. A few years back, Bloom dropped a giant jumbo muffin from one of its billboards, crushing a car below. All good reasons to avoid South Carolina. (Kidding. Great state. Tasty muffins.) In the videos, it’s not clear which muffin Erik Estrada plays.

—Posted by David Gianatasio