Mountain Dew Designs Skate Park to Look Like Giant Pinball Machine

Despite its well-known status as nerd fuel, Mountain Dew also has a base constituency of daredevil extreme-sports dude-bros to consider. Plus, the brand has three new flavors coming out. So, naturally, they partnered with skateboarders Haimona Ngata, Brett Band and Mike Bancroft—and ad agency Colenso BBDO—to build a skate park in New Zealand that resembles a giant pinball machine. They even got a local band (AC/DC sound-alikes Tough Love) to provide a song for the ad. The park is open through the month of June. People who want to skate it can check out the Dew's Facebook page for more details. For this project, it was definitely better to deal with the jocks than the nerds. Realistically, building a Kingdom of Azeroth for guys with foam swords to run around in wouldn't have been as cost-effective. Making-of video after the jump. Via The Denver Egotist.