More infinite wisdom from Simon Cowell

So, Simon Cowell doesn’t think much of Bob Dylan. On the surface, this is hardly newsworthy, as Cowell doesn’t really like anything. But it does inspire one to examine the guy’s career as an A&R man, which brings the value of his trite, arrogant snipings into question. Anyone remember 5ive? Curiosity Killed the Cat? How about those timeless Mighty Morphin Power Rangers singles (as if rock ’n’ roll didn’t have its own version already)? Didn’t think so. Simon does. He signed them to the British record label he worked for. Christ, he even produced the Power Rangers stuff. And now he has a show to determine who’ll play Danny and Sandy in the new staging of Grease. Clearly, lyrical depth and artistry that speak for and define a generation would appall Simon. Adults making real music are out of his league. And that’s fine. There are no laws against him yelling at kids half his age and then retiring to one of his mansions. Just don’t ennoble him as a tastemaker, because he doesn’t have any.

—Posted by David Kiefaber