Misfits Fit Perfectly Into Norwegian Bus Spot


"Whoever you are, wherever you're going, we drive for you." That's the tagline at the end of this engrossing, poignant commercial for Norway's Nettbuss, which is posted on the company's Web site and celebrates the messy lives of the motley crew who take its buses every day. Celebrating humanity—in all its imperfections—is a perfect strategy for public transport, considering how much of it walks through its doors. The spot is reminiscent of Leo Burnett's poetic McDonald's ad from 2009, which said much the same thing about low-priced hamburgers. Of course, there are limits to how much raw humanity people want to be exposed to—something bus companies know all too well. But this spot makes its misfits seem lovable, even if they cheat on their wives with men and abandon their kindergarteners for a roll in the sack. In any case, they're along for the ride—and Nettbuss isn't going to judge them. By ad agency Los & Co, directed by Jesper Ericstam and Giulio Musi.