McDonald’s Ad Pulled for (Not Really) Making Fun of Far Rockaway

Here's your latest blown-out-of-proportion ad controversy. McDonald's has pulled a subway ad in New York City because it allegedly hurt Far Rockaway's feelings. That distant Queens neighborhood—one end of the line for the A train—was called out in the ad's headline, which read: "To not falling asleep and ending up in Far Rockaway. (Unless, of course, you live there.)" That tacked-on disclaimer wasn't enough for too-much-time-on-his-hands City Councilman James Sanders. "I can assure the marketing boys over at McDonald's that most people don't wind up in the Rockaways by accident," Sanders said in a statement—yes, a statement. "They come for the beauty, serenity and entertainment that our peninsula offers, especially in the hot summer months when our beaches are overrun with visitors from Manhattan who flock to our shores." Sanders added that he was banning Ronald McDonald from the peninsula unless he decides to ride the A train and stop off in Far Rockaway. Only one thing left to do: Sanders should now hire 11-year-old Mollie Kerr as his chief of staff.