MC Hammer’s beer spot is too hot to handle


MC Hammer, perhaps pissed that he didn't get a tumble with other past-it celebs in that retro Butterfinger spot, takes his revenge by appearing in Ogilvy's latest South African spot for Castle Lite beer. Hammer's got nearly 2 million Twitter followers, by the way, which says something about the enduring nature of pop icons and our society's predilection for crap. In the spot, he maintains his dignity about as well as a beefy, middle-aged rapper in a sparkly gold outfit can: He stays seated at the bar and delivers his lines without wacky parachute-pants dance antics. Not so Vanilla Ice, who busted some furious moves in his own Castle Lite ad a while back. "Busted" also means that something doesn't work. Kidding, of course—these guys are too legit to ever quit. Peace out, homeboys!

—Posted by David Gianatasio