Live Without Your Phone 10 Minutes and Help a Child Living Without Clean Water

Unicef rewards brief smartphone sabbaticals

To raise awareness of the millions of children going without clean water each day, Unicef is challenging you to see how long you could deny yourself something as simple as checking your phone.

Mobile visitors to can join the challenge (and help raise money for the cause) by following a few simple instructions and putting their smartphone down. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, the project's sponsors will fund a day of clean water for needy kids worldwide.

The mobile Web app is currently in beta and scheduled for official launch March 1. Droga5 helped to conceive the campaign, part of an annual program now in its eighth year, and MediaVest serves as a media partner. While your phone is parked, the site fills your screen with stats and information about the need for clean water. It also encourages you to keep going and contrasts your elapsed time with the number of frivolous tweets, texts and Instagrams that have been posted while you've been participating.

Surely, even hardcore mobile addicts set down their phones for 10 minutes each day—perhaps while taking a nice hot shower, which millions of less-fortunate folks around the world would view as a luxury.