Let’s ban the company, not the TV spot

Alas. What has GoDaddy wrought? As if Bob Parsons’ blow-by-blow blog detailing his tangles with network censors weren’t enough, he seems to have solidified the “banned commercial” PR stunt for cash-strapped advertisers on the hunt for cheap publicity. Sadly, it works. Here’s the game plan: Gin up an ad just offensive enough to be denied, then act outraged. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t ring true, as in the case of Booble.com, the sexy-time search engine that’s already raised Google’s ire. Booble, whose logo is as subtle as its pictorials, claims to have gotten the cold shoulder from CBS for a proposed Super Bowl spot showing “a woman catching her husband trying to secretly check out a few adult sites.” It would be surprising if CBS has even heard of Booble.com.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey