Latest book by Alex Bogusky gets roasted


Not everyone in the media is grooving on Alex Bogusky. The creative chief at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, who was likened to Our Lord just 18 months ago in Fast Company, has, along with now ex-colleague John Winsor, produced a load of tripe with his new book, Baked In: Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves. At least, that's according to a Los Angeles Times reviewer. Dan Neil performs a good old-fashioned evisceration of the book, shredding its premise as obvious, its tone as clichéd and arrogant and its conclusions as wrong, or at least impractical. Bogusky (who previously wrote The 9-Inch Diet, which advocated losing weight by eating off smaller plates) finds himself chuckling and giving a hat tip to the LAT for its use of "half-baked" in the headline of the Baked In review. Neil even looks down his nose at the book's literal thinness, noting it is a mere 150 pages of large type. Thank God he never got a hold of a Kevin Roberts book.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey