Krazy Glue aiming to bond with consumers

"Each commercial should convey the message that there is only one brand of instant glue that is crazy strong and crazy fast—and that’s Krazy Glue," the brand’s senior marketing manager says about Krazy Glue’s "Commercials Gone Crazy" contest, a user-generated campaign that’s launching about a year after most people stopped caring about user-generated campaigns. Yes, I still care, but I get paid to do so. Krazy Glue’s lead agency is SBC in Columbus, Ohio, so no wonder they need some fresh ideas. (Just kidding. SBC rocks! Let’s do the Gutter Bar in Cannes next year, OK?) Of course, there’s no way to outdo Krazy Glue’s timeworn, low-budget classic in which the construction worker dangles suspended from a girder. Unless someone were to submit a spot where the guy falls and … splat! Though that would probably be a bit off message. I would enter the contest, but I was sampling the product and glued my face to the computer screen. Hmm, a broken pixel—I never noticed that before.

—Posted by David Gianatasio