Kid afflicted with squirting Fruit Gusher eye


Here's the latest oddball candy advertising—a 90-second Fruit Gushers video from Saatchi & Saatchi (supposedly Gerry Graf's last piece of work for the agency) that tells the tall tale of Todd, a kid born with a squirting blue Fruit Gusher for an eye. The most recent Fruit Gushers spot was all about having problems gushing, but that's not an issue here. Todd happily unloads on family and friends (in a mostly un-Oozinator-like way, thankfully), though as the flash-forward scenes reveal, he will be stunted in other ways—a recurring theme in candy ads, from Starburst's Little Lad to the Skittles treeboy. It seems excessive to go a whole 90 seconds with this kid, though. The 30-second Fruit by the Foot stuff was better.