KFC puts the fried back in “F”

Kfclogo1_1It turns out that the ‘F’ in KFC is going to stand for fried again. Officials at the fast-food chain have come to this stunning conclusion as in their latest attempt to reconfigure the restaurant around contemporary tastes, whatever those are. KFC will “banner the name” Kentucky Fried Chicken, according to this story in USA Today, in the launch of new concept store today in Louisville, Kentucky that plays up the chain’s southern roots and is supposed to expand to 49 other domestic outlets in the next year. The rethinking also includes a new, updated logo of the Colonel, in which he dons an apron. (Although, in what may be a sign of continuing schizophrenia, there’s no mention we could find of the changes at the company Web site.) Whatever you think of KFC’s return to its roots, we think the timing couldn’t be better, since the big health news of the week is that carrying around a few extra pounds might not be so bad for you after all.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor