Just beat it

MichaeljacksonAs an entertainer, Michael Jackson has been mailing it lately, but the United States Postal Service won’t return the favor.

Jacko, who just gave a DNA sample to investigators ahead of his January trial on child-molestation charges, was recently shown on the back cover of a national humor magazine grabbing his crotch while seemingly putting his hand down the pants of a young boy. The image has drawn the ire of the USPS, which has refused to mail the magazine to subscribers.

No doubt the caption, which reads, “Michael Jackson, 1993-2003, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough,” didn’t help matters.

The USPS is claiming that all sexually explicit material must be wrapped, and that the flimsy material covering this magazine is not enough to obscure the picture. It returned the magazine to its Los Angeles-based publishers with a directive to have the publication properly wrapped.

AdFreak is trying to figure out what harm a satirical photo meant to be funny can do. If subscribers are offended, they can cancel their subscriptions. It’s bad enough when Wal-Mart decides for its customers what magazines they should or shouldn’t buy. It’s worse when the government steps in to play censor.

—Posted by Wendy Melillo

Photo: Doug Benc