Jesus switches from PlayStation to poker

LastsupperIt’s not just the PlayStation crown of thorns that has Christians angry this week. There’s also this billboard from Irish bookies Paddy Power, showing Jesus and the Apostles gambling at the Last Supper. “There’s a place for fun and games,” reads the headline. “To abuse this image, which is central to Christian beliefs, in a vulgar advertising campaign is totally and grossly inappropriate, and Paddy Power should apologize to the people,” says one Jesuit priest in Dublin. In a radio interview, a Paddy Power rep was asked how the company could possibly depict Christ playing poker before his crucifixion. The rep reportedly replied, “At least we made Him the chip leader.” Unlike the thorns execution, which was pulled, there are no plans yet to cancel this ad, which is up in several places in Dublin. UPDATE: The ad has, in fact, been pulled.

—Posted by Tim Nudd