It’s always clear skies with Malibu rum radio

DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full are having way too much laid-back, Caribbean-style fun in Malibu rum's tongue-twisting "Radio MaliBoom Boom" campaign by Publicis in London. The multifaceted push features a real Barbados-based Internet-radio station starring the DJs and all manner of social-media outreach. In this spot, Bernhard forecasts sunny weather throughout the world, even where it's raining or nighttime, explaining that he's not overly concerned with "details." I guess that counts as truth in advertising, because after a few Malibus, people do tend to let life's finer points slide. They might even say stuff like "Gimme another MaliBoom Boom" when ordering the next round. MC Wonder Full seems a bit confused. He says they work for "a non-commercial radio station." Excuse me, but unless I'm missing something, isn't the whole thing one big ad?

—Posted by David Gianatasio