Israel Uses Facebook Timeline to Show an Addict’s Descent

A year on drugs, versus a year clean

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority is the first organization I've seen using Facebook Timeline for advertising. (Since most brand pages can't get Timeline yet, that's not too surprising.) IADA set out show what a year of drug use, versus a year of clean living, would look like—using a fictional dude named Adam Barak. McCann Digital Israel put together this neat little concept, which goes far deeper than the usual 60-second anti-drug scare tactics. It's not overly sensationalized, but it could stand to have fewer hot photos on the drug side. Some of them come off as heroin chic, and other shots are downright normal. I swear at least eight of my friends have posted photos with a week's worth of unkempt beard growth as recently as Movember, and I'm fairly certain most of them aren't on drugs. Still, it's a creative new use for Timeline and a nice new take on the old concept of the before and after.