An indie-music hit, via Adidas and iTunes

KarenoSchmaltzy teen dramas like The O.C. and Everwood may have taken over from commercials as the best vehicle to launch “indie” rock—but Adidas is proving that ads can still do the job. TBWA\Chiat\Day’s hipper-than-thou “Hello Tomorrow” Adidas_1 spot (shown here), directed by Spike Jonze, features a man running in a dream (or something, we can’t quite figure it out, but we’re not that hip) and is set to a breathy track by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (doing her best to channel Cat Power) and Squeak E. Clean. The track is available exclusively on iTunes and has risen to No. 11 overall on the downloads chart, alongside Gwen Stefani and the Backstreet Boys. (It’s No. 5 on the alternative-music downloads list.) Might the TV spot/iTunes combo be the future for record labels trying to reach the masses? Hello tomorrow.

—Posted by Mae Anderson