I want to party with you, cowboy

TNT Vacations in Boston has introduced a new promotion called “Celebrity Come Along Trips” that give travelers the chance to hobnob with local stars in tropical climes. Sounds OK—in theory. Until we learn that a seven-night jaunt priced at $1,649 includes pre-season fun with … the New England Revolution soccer team? I know what you’re thinking: New England has a soccer team? Another package prominently features radio personality Billy Costa (shown here—surely you recognize him) and stand-up comic Steve Sweeney (probably funnier than former SNL-er Julia Sweeney, but alas, about as famous). Meanwhile, a seven-night trip to the Dominican Republic, to hang with the New England Patriots cheerleaders as they shoot their swimsuit calendar, is also available. Somehow I think one of these packages will generate more bookings than the others.

—Posted by David Gianatasio