Hi, this is Britney, can I put you on hold?

Which celebrity has the ideal personality to be a call-center representative? Proving that consumer research can never be too odd, a Maritz Poll put that question to customers of banks and credit-card brands, in the interest of helping companies learn what sort of people they should hire to staff their call centers. Choosing from the poll’s list of celebs, just 1 percent of respondents said they’d want to hear Britney Spears, Whitney Houston or Rosie O’Donnell on the other end of the phone in such a role. Ten percent picked Bill Clinton, who ran slightly ahead of Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Gates (9 percent apiece). Far ahead of the pack were Oprah Winfrey (23 percent) and Kelly Ripa (19 percent). Must be nice for Winfrey and Ripa to know a second career has promise for them if the TV thing doesn’t pan out.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver