Hey, hey, Neil. This post’s for you.

Neil So, Neil, we were just sitting around wondering if you’d like to be in an ad. Or let us use your songs in an ad. Or maybe you’d like to write a jingle for one of our many fine products. C’mon … you know it’s just a matter of time. Everyone eventually sells out. McCartney and Dylan paved the way. Now, we’ve got Johnny Mellencamp. He was all sincere and self-righteous, but it’s been a looong time between hits, and the bills keep piling up. Look, Neil, you’ve already got a song about how you won’t do ads. Let’s use that, but modify the lyrics: “I love singin’ for Pepsi. I love singin’ for Coke. … This Bud’s for you,” etc. You can say it’s an ironic commentary on artistic integrity … whatever. Or mumble incoherently, that works for Dylan. Even if you hold out, we’ll get you in the end. We put dead celebs (and their work) in ads all the time. P.S.: Santa Monica, ’79: Great show, man. You rule! P.P.S.: Seriously, Hallmark really wants to use “Heart of Gold” for Valentine’s Day. And the Army’s got dibs on “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

—Posted by David Gianatasio