To Hershey, book cover isn’t so sweet

Hershey1This looks like a pretty nice dust jacket to us, but not to Hershey. The chocolate company is suing Simon & Schuster for trademark infringement over the cover images on the forthcoming biography Hershey: Milton S. Hershey’s Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire and Utopian Dreams, by Michael D’Antonio. “Hershey does not object to the content of defendant’s book, or to the mere use of the word ‘Hershey’ in the title of the book,” the suit states. “However, defendant has designed and adopted a dust jacket for the book which extensively uses Hershey’s well-known marks and trade dress beyond any manner permissible under law.” Hershey wants to prevent Simon & Schuster from distributing the dust jacket. It also seeks monetary damages and “corrective advertising” paid by Simon & Schuster.

—Posted by Tim Nudd