Herbal Essences gets high on stoner chicks

After years of insanely successful Herbal Essences ads where they treated the shampoo like it was some kind of orgasm sauce, Clairol has begun a new campaign with the tagline, "Someone's been doing the Herbal." That's right: They've slipped seamlessly from sex to drugs. The spot above touts the Tousle Me Softly line, part of an extensive new product lineup with redesigned bottles, and shows a chick who magically turns into a rock star thanks to her softly tousled hair. At the end, she bounces next to enormous text that shouts, "Someone's been doing the Herbal!" Which makes it sound a bit like they're saying she must be on drugs if she thinks her hair is rock-star hair. It's hard to imagine anyone outside the stoner-chick crowd will find "doing the herbal" a stronger appeal than "orgasm in a bottle." Then again, lady stoners are a vastly underserved demographic. And it's not like Herbal Essences was ever concerned about negative press from the orgasm campaign, so any backlash from anti-drug moms won't change anything. So congrats, HE, for putting the addiction back in shampoo.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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