Guinness World Records joins 21st century

The Jim Pattison Group, parent company of Ripley Entertainment, bought the Guinness World Records franchise in early 2008, and was determined to wipe the dust off the old book and breathe a little life back into the whole enterprise. Thanks to a dose of modern marketing and some sweet co-branding, they've done it. There are now two Guinness editions: the basic 2009 edition, complete with its shiny foil cover and replete with all-new 3-D photography; and the 2009 gamer edition, coordinated with Twin Galaxies, the world's official video-game scorekeeper. Don't want to just read about it? You can play Guinness World Records: The Videogame (trailer posted above), now out for the Wii and DS, or head over to watch videos of the latest records on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel. All of which should help Guinness keep its own record as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time. Not bad at all for a 54-year-old brand. Via Underwire.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers