The great Jack in the Box voicemail

JackinboxlogoWe’re pretty sure this isn’t a viral-marketing campaign for Jack in the Box, but who knows? An audio file has been making the rounds in e-mail lately, and is posted online as an MP3 here, that is purportedly a recording of a voicemail that a Jack in the Box operations manager once left for his boss. The guy starts out by explaining why he’s late for a meeting, then he witnesses a sudden minor traffic accident. The two parties involved—one young man and four evidently vicious old ladies—leave their cars, and the gleeful Jack in the Box guy, who has a remarkably infectious laugh, proceeds to give a wonderful play-by-play of their ensuing confrontation. The ever-vigilant Urban Legends Reference Pages has tried to determine whether the message is for real—even going so far as to contact the company. It apparently got this reply: “Thank you for your inquiry. The message that has been in circulation is an actual voice mail message. The incident occurred 5-6 years ago in Texas. I’m not sure how the recording got outside the company or if the employee still works for Jack in the Box, but the recording periodically re-surfaces on the radio and the Internet.” So it may not be new. And it may not even be real. But it sure is funny.

—Posted by Tim Nudd