Gore’s global-warming ads still feeling cold

Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection is back with a new ad in its "We" campaign, created by The Martin Agency. From the press release: "The tone of this spot is much different than what you’ve seen in the campaign so far." True enough. Where the earlier stuff was soft and ineffectual, and roundly panned by most media observers, this commercial is just whiny and oddly worded. Bidding politicians to "use the wind" is an unfortunate turn of phrase in at least two ways. The line "We demand that we repower America" is just confusing. Stop forcing the word "we" into every sentence! There’s no "we" in America, by the way, just a "me" and an "I." Think about that next time your hemp-powered buggy runs out of juice 20 miles from home. Also check out this earlier ad from the campaign, where "we" all behave like the monolith-worshiping apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the spot, "we" all appear to be moving giant power switches. Does that make Gore an emissary from a technologically advanced, extraterrestrial civilization? You know, in his mind—and some others—I think it does. Wake up, people: The man’s from Tennessee.

—Posted by David Gianatasio