GOP hoping that the FredExpress delivers

Fredex Fred Thompson is still not officially running for president, but his supporters have already appropriated the logo of a well-known shipping company to promote the “FredExpress.” Not a bad choice—the FedEx logo is, of course, one of the most lauded of all time, mostly thanks to that nifty negative-space arrow. Unless FedEx rips into Thompson like they did the FedEx Furniture guy, we can probably expect some hokey messaging about how Thompson “always delivers” (even on Saturdays). Maybe they could put a tracking number on his Web site, so we can see where he is at all times. Thompson is not the first FredEx in history. A now-retired, bottom-feeding NFL wide-out named Freddie Mitchell once gave himself the nickname. Mitchell was a legend in his own mind, so perhaps it’s fitting that Thompson is carrying on the tradition.

—Posted by Tim Nudd