Glasses that look great on all kinds of asses


It's tough to know what to say about these Italian print ads for Glassing Sunglasses, but I'll try. Some might find it objectionable, but it's offensive in a cartoony, memorable way, like naughty Mad magazine illustrations from 20 years ago, so folks might want to lighten up. Some Web commenters have bashed the ads for implying that people who wear the sunglasses are asses, but that's probably too literal of a read (though, based on my experience with those who wear shades as a fashion accessory, quite accurate). Maybe it's spec, but since it advertises specs, that's probably alright, too. Sure, it's easily dismissed as being odd for odd's sake, but there's nothing wrong with that, since catching consumers' attention is half the battle. It'll crack some people up, I'm sure. Beyond that, I'm wiping my hands of it. Via Ads of the World, which credits Y&R for the campaign.

—Posted by David Gianatasio