The ghost of Kozmo

KozmoThe stoned and lazy of lower Manhattan can rejoice. Four years after the flameout of Internet delivery services Kozmo and Urbanfetch that would bring Peanut M&Ms and Slim Jims to your apartment, a new service is filling the yawning void.

MaxDelivery, which promises to launch March 15th, will deliver everything from diapers to DVDs, with the $4.95 delivery fee waived for orders over $50. For now, MaxDelivery will serve addresses below 14th Street in Manhattan and only from 4pm to midnight, with delivery promised within an hour.

While some may take this as a sign of the Internet bubble’s comeback, AdFreak chooses to focus on how much easier it’s getting to be lazy. After all, Pizza Hut is now delivering pies ordered directly from “EverQuest II” game players. As MaxDelivery’s Web site puts it, “Taking the time to run errands to the store is a waste of the limited free time that we all have.” Ditto.

Two of the site’s frequently asked questions clearly identify the market opportunity: “Can I rent adult movies? Can I buy beer and wine?” MaxDelivery responds affirmatively on both counts.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey