Geico’s ad campaign has an evil British twin


Ads for British car-insurance site, by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, are like alternate-universe versions of Geico's spots with Kash, the googly-eyed wad of banknotes. Folks don't see the money they saved on car insurance—that's the premise of Geico's ads. Instead, they're taunted by visions of what they could have bought with that extra dough. In one spot, a chubby hubby ogles a pair of strutting blue jeans his wife could've bought. He seems way too into those denim-clad legs-sans-torso. Marriage counseling might be a better investment. A second ad (posted after the jump) shows a railroad-station employee whose track-departure announcements are punctuated by riffs from his unbought electric guitar. The axe strums itself, so he wouldn't even need to pay for lessons. The work's not identical to Geico's, but it's extremely similar in tone and concept (the ads even use the line: "15 minutes could save you over £150"), and it succeeds or fails just as well, depending on your point of view. Maybe for its next campaign, could take the money it saves on car insurance and buy some original ideas.

—Posted by David Gianatasio