GE making vague move into crowdsourcing


Everyone is into the crowdsourcing thing nowadays. No less than General Electric is dipping its toes into the area, asking digital experts to submit ideas for new-media initiatives and/or advertising concepts that "avoid the lame and embrace the awesome." Fair enough, so let's dive into the specifics of what GE wants to accomplish. Well, this is where things get hazy. The campaign site, with the cringe-worthy name "GE + You = Awesome," doesn't provide much detail about the target audience or what GE's goals are. Maybe this speaks to the state of big brands trying to embrace the Web. Oh, and there's the payment thing. That's even hazier. GE says it will "work out an arrangement" to use your idea, while warning you that there's a good possibility it was already developed by other people. Translation: Don't wait by the mailbox for a fat check.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey