Fishing retailer making pitch to man-babies


I dislike babies because they're needy, wrinkled, self-fouling complainers who shriek and cry all the time. I dislike old people for the same reasons. Which means I doubly dislike this Okuma "Born to fish" campaign from Barnes, Catmur & Friends in Auckland, New Zealand, which disturbingly combines tykes and coots with unwelcome nautical flair. Actually, the baby in the cap with the mustache looks middle-aged. He reminds me of my uncles, whom I also dislike (see the reasons above). Most of all, I dislike fishing, and these ads are clearly connected to that, though from the ads it's tough to say exactly how. (The tagline simply reads: "Okuma. Kiwi for fishing.") Maybe the client sells the babies as bait. Hey, anything goes in New Zealand! See one more ad after the jump.