Fabio vs. Isaiah Mustafa: Who Is the Manliest Old Spice Guy?

Updated story here:
Fabio-Isaiah Mustafa Duel Less Violent Than Old Spice Fans Hoped

It's becoming clear that Fabio isn't just going to swoop in, shoot a handful of Old Spice ads, and leave. Wieden + Kennedy is cooking up a whole rivalry between him and Isaiah Mustafa—including some sort of online "duel" that will apparently take place Tuesday at noon ET/9 a.m. PT. What's more, it appears Fabio is now doing his own personalized response videos to people around the Internet—a real-time gambit that Mustafa made famous. Fabio doesn't care—go ahead and ridicule him as a caricature of masculinity. He's been down that road before. But let's hope he doesn't elaborate on his blurted-out comment, "Mine is a horse." More videos after the jump.