Enjoy a crazy, groovy holiday at RadioShack

I wasn't that fond of the first batch of RadioShack ads from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners that launched over the summer. I thought they tried too hard to be cool (like my AdFreak posts!) and generally missed the mark (like my … well, never mind). The Shack's holiday messages, however, are sublime—supremely silly and superbly scored with dance-floor grooves. Click here to see seven spots. They effortlessly fuse sound, vision and fun, and at 15 seconds each, they leave you wanting more. Hey, nothing says Christmas like transvestite Sugar Plum Fairies bearing smartphones (above), a rotund rapper with a Nikon fixation, break-dancing astronauts and—most especially—a nutcracker DJ with a creepy ballerina/doll chorus. Forget "White Christmas." The soundtrack to this year's techno-consumer holiday is: "I've got a laptop, baby. … I make music with my friends!"

—Posted by David Gianatasio