Eat Lay’s, become a mindless inflatable doll

This ad for Lay’s potato chips by Canadian agency Juniper Park features pretty much every element that normally makes me hate a commercial: a perky pop jingle, an overused workplace setting and the notion that a consumer good or service can create a kind of mindless, conformist nirvana. Despite all that, this spot is so earnest, goofy and visually appealing, it kept me hooked all the way through. And that song is soldered into my brain for the rest of the day. Ultimately, the key is the payoff. It’s mildly subversive and weird, with the corporate drone escaping his drudgery and joining his smiley-balloon co-workers in their oddball happy brainless dance. Wouldn’t we all like to have such fun on our lunch hour? No such luck here at AdFreak. I’ll be down at HR explaining why I have inflatable dolls in my cube. They’re my interns!

—Posted by David Gianatasio