Dude, you’re getting a Cuervo Gold shot

It was unlikely he’d be the successor to Brando, but I’d still have thought the Dell Dude could have parlayed his 15 minutes of commercial fame into a bit-part acting career, followed by a couple terms in the Senate and a presidential campaign. Alas, that’s not how it’s working out for Ben Curtis. He had the inevitable drug bust in 2003 (weed), then the resurfacing in an off-Broadway play. Now, New York magazine reports that Ben’s behind the bar at Greenwich Village’s Tortilla Flats, a place known for its raucous bingo night and 2 a.m. happy hour, if my foggy memory serves. The good news: He’s in a better place. “There were times when I made boatloads of money as an actor, but here I can be myself,” he says.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey