Does Mattel know from California?

Calibarbie1We here at a remote West Coast AdFreak bureau may have some insight into the recent Mattel woes. Have you seen these "Cali Girl" and “Cali Guy” Barbie dolls, meant to be authentically Californian? Seeing a 3-year-old receive Cali Guy Blaine at a recent birthday party made a group of native Californians spit up laughing. Most suspect was the fact that no one had ever heard anyone in California call it “Cali,”—that term possibly having been invented by Queens, New York native LL Cool J in 1989.  Secondly, it’s a bit of a stretch that we all live the "extreme lifestyle," walking around in beach gear and carrying a surfboard like each doll does. It’s like a box of extremely stale stereotypes. Cali Girl Barbie and friends “are always up for sunshine and beach fun!” They say “radical!” and “awesome!” a lot. It sounds like they are not only from Cali, but are also lost in the ‘80s. You want to really get Californian? Where is the "sitting in traffic" Barbie? That must be on the same shelf as “Botox at age 23” Barbie. And just for the sake of accuracy, both would come with a non-fat latte, a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans and an iPod. Just so they don’t stand out in a crowd.

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Photo credit: Mattel