Does anyone not dislike Amp’s iPhone app?

Pepsi's Amp energy drink is taking a beating for its new iPhone app, called Amp Up Before You Score. The app is supposed to help you score with 24 different types of women, which has some people upset over sexism and others over stereotyping. What types of women are listed, you ask? Twins and the Sorority Girl, of course, but there's also Married, Trouble and separate entries for Indie Rock Girl and Punk Rock Girl. What really ticked Jezebel off, however, is the app's suggestion that you brag about your conquests via Facebook or Twitter. In fact, the app wants you to keep a Brag List. Amp and Pepsi have already apologized via tweet. (In a bold move, they even included the #pepsifail hashtag.) A lot of blog space has already been wasted explaining why women won't like this app. What I want to know is whether it will do anything for the brand. Think of how many brands out there purport to help you score. What about this app sets the Amp brand apart from beer ads, or even Italian jeans ads?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers