Dodgers pick Posh Spice over tasered man

Posh Spice is not much of an L.A. Dodgers fan, but there she was on Monday, throwing out the first pitch in Dodger Stadium before a game against the Mets. This is akin to parading Paris Hilton in front of the fans at Old Trafford before a Manchester United game. With Posh, aka Victoria Beckham, the wife of Los Angeles-bound soccer star David Beckham, the Dodgers don’t have much of a spokeswoman. She needed some prompting before she would even say something nice about the Dodgers. In front of reporters, Tommy Lasorda urged her: “You’d better tell people that you really love the Dodgers.” “OK, I love the Dodgers,” she said. So heartfelt. Meanwhile, the guy who prefered to be tasered than to remove his Dodgers cap has still not been formally invited to a game.

—Posted by Tim Nudd