Deutsch can save you at Advertising Week

Bail Advertising Week is still a few weeks off, but people are already starting to get the chills thinking of all of the inane conversations they’ll be forced to endure. Deutsch is here to help. The agency is inserting the “bail-out” card shown here into the official Advertising Week Guide (as part of a full-page ad). It instructs mind-numbingly bored and/or irritated Advertising Week goers to text the word “bail” to 47467; in less than a minute, you get a call back with step-by-step instructions (via one of three scripts) on how to leave your conversation partner in the dust. (We tried it. It works.) As the card says at the bottom, “It’s just Deutsch’s way of saying ‘We hope you have a great Advertising Week’ and ‘Get away from that skank post-haste!’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd