This Designer Brilliantly Re-creates Classic Ads as Single 8-Bit Images

I'm on a pixelated horse

Graphic artist Michael Myers (not to be confused with the Wayne's World guy or the killer from Halloween) was hired by Copypop to re-create images from classic ads as retro pixel art, and the finished products are pretty great.

The images include the Geico gecko, Cadbury's gorilla drummer and Coke's "Hilltop" singers, and they're all rendered pretty well, with impressive detail given the obvious limitations of 8-bit. Myers' color game is strong, too; all the images really pop against the backgrounds he chose for them.

As it turns out, he's made a lot of pixel art for various projects (and some just for fun), so he clearly isn't just banging rocks together out there in Iowa. Well, maybe he is. I don't know what his other hobbies are.

Via Design Taxi.