Dems taking the downturn particularly hard

Bad as the economy is now, it’d be worse if there were more Democrats and fewer Republicans. In a new Harris Poll that asked people how their household’s financial situation has changed compared to a year ago, Republicans were more likely to say that it has improved (49 percent) than worsened (29 percent), with the rest saying it has remained the same. Among Democrats—an improvident bunch, apparently—nearly twice as many said “worsened” (50 percent) as said “improved” (26 percent). There’s a similar skew in this week’s ABC News Consumer Comfort Index, with Republicans rating the economy at -3 on a scale of +100 to -100, while Democrats rate it at -47. One can surmise that the Democrats’ presidential primary campaigns, which depict the nation as one big Hooverville, have had a depressive effect on party members’ economic views, over and above the economy’s actual struggles. Listening to the candidates’ speeches and watching their commercials, Democrats must feel it’s an act of party disloyalty if they fail to feel impoverished by Republican rule.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver