‘Dave’ doesn’t exist, but he’s mighty helpful

Yahoo_presenters_cred_steve_maller_photoLooking for ways to lure more of the nation’s 21 million teenagers to its search service, Yahoo! asked 215 college advertising schools to pitch their best ideas in a contest devised by the American Advertising Federation. Out of 15 finalists, Texas State University in San Marcos emerged victorious with “Dave,” a virtual (and if it needs saying, wholly fictional) college student/older brother figure designed to guide teens to music downloads, online games and other sites. (Nonfictional wholesome college students who competed are pictured here.) The next step in making “Dave” a reality will come in August, when the TSU students pitch the campaign to Yahoo! management in Sunnyvale, Calif. Our advice for the big pitch? Steer clear of any mentions of Microsoft’s thankfully deceased virtual friend, Clippy.

—Posted by Richard Williamson

Photo: Steve Maller Photography