Clinton and Obama: the PC and the Mac?

If you categorize everything in the world as either Mac or PC (and why not?), you’ll feel in sync with a New York Times article this week that declared Hillary Clinton a PC and Barack Obama a Mac. In part, these classifications derived from analysis of the candidates’ Web sites. We’re told is stylistically reminiscent of Apple’s iTunes site and of the Mac aesthetic more generally. The article is less specific in the connection it draws between and PC style, though it does quote one Web-design expert as saying Clinton’s site is “more regal” while Obama’s is “more youthful.” While “regal” is not a quality one associates with a republic (as opposed to a monarchy), the article questions whether “aligning with the trendy Mac aesthetic is good politics.” After all, it notes, the Mac “is still a niche computer” in a PC-dominated world.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver